The existence of chainmail can be predated to 4th Century B.C.The usage of medieval chainmail has been found across various parts of the the ancient globe like Romania, North Africa, Middle East, Central Asia , India, Tibet, Korea and Japan.

It continues being used in 21st century as a protective shield.The chainmail has  a multi purpose usage .It is being used as stab resistant body armor, cut resistant for butchers and wood workers,shark resistant wetsuit and several  other usages.

Chainmail armor provides a defense against any blow by a sharp weapon.This protection provided by chainmail is primarily because of factors like Linkage and density of the weave, material used(iron versus bronze) and the ring thickness.

Mail is widely being  used in industrial settings as shrapnel guards  in metal working operations and for various Electrical testing applications.

Chainmail remains in use for  decorative and display of status symbol purposes.Mail has several other applications in sculpture,jewelry,ornaments and artifacts.

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